The hidden superpower for leadership impact, and how you can use it today.

by Mariane Power

If you’ve ever been a part of a highly motivated team, where most days feel like fun AND result in your best work, then chances are, you’ve been surrounded by leaders who hold the hidden superpower for impact.

This one superpower supports team players to be focused and enthusiastic, to collaborate whole-heartedly and openly with their colleagues, to put their best selves forward and co-create game changing ideas. Contrary to traditional success metrics, I’m not referring to the power of influencer networks (although, harnessing this superpower is likely to increase your influence by default). Nor am I talking about your knowledge and information. The superpower these teams have in common is a colleague  who possesses the traits of what psychologist Kim Cameron refers to as a ‘positive enhancer’. 

Research shows that teams with ‘positive enhancers’ often outperform teams who, regardless of their other high performance traits,  struggle with negativity and low morale. Positive energisers have more than four times the impact on productivity than influencer and information networks, and they have the power to positively influence the productivity and performance levels of the people around them too.

As an emerging leader, adding positive enhancing traits to your repertoire is so important, since this one superpower will increase not only the wellbeing of your teams, but their families too. As a single positive energiser, you will create a powerful ripple effect and build a cluster of other energisers around you quite naturally. Yep, from an organisational perspective, positive energisers bring a lot to the table!

To boost your impact, here are five dimensions from researchers Cross and Parker that will help you to  improve our own positive energiser superpowers, and boost your impact!. 

Positive energisers bring to the table:

  • A Sense of Engagement: a mindful focus shows others you are present, physically and mentally.
  • A Compelling Goal: this strengths based perspective draws focus onto what could be could be, rather than what has been
  • A Meaningful Contribution: a focus that enables others to feel heard, and to believe they can make a contribution and influence the interaction
  • The Perception of Progress: a focus on moving forward, and a sense that together, we are  ‘getting somewhere’
  • The Belief that the Idea Can Succeed: a mindset that communicates a sense that the topic being discusses is worthwhile and can be attained

Are you looking to build your positive energiser capacity? For the month of June, I’m offering a free half hour SKYPE session to emerging leaders and entrepreneurs looking to identify and amplify their own unique positive enhancing superpowers. Book your session here. I can’t wait to work with you and your true potential!