At the heart of leadership that creates effective change is courage and compassion. Leadership is a vital role in any team, and navigating your way through its responsibilities can be muddy without a map.

Level Up Your Leadership. Pump up your heart with courage, confidence and compassion through one to one coaching, workshops and keynotes for you and your team.

Leadership is a vital role we all take on at some capacity. Whether leading an executive team, a fresh and exciting start up, or a family, navigating your way through leadership responsibilities can be muddy without a map.

Everybody needs a somebody who supports their growth. You support the growth of your team. I can support you. Learn to lean into your big heart and gain face to face feedback on your leadership style as you experiment with new ways to help your team thrive.

“You can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability” – Brene Brown

A word of warning. This work is not for the faint hearted. Neither is leadership, or life for that matter. There will be uncertainty, tough conversations and at times, moments of doubt. Courageous and compassionate leadership requires you to sit in the mud with love and acceptance, both for yourself and your team. To stare you fears in the face, and communicate them to others with honesty. To create a safe space for your team to do the same. It can feel sticky and uncomfortable, and a lot like hard work. But as you acquire the skills that foster curiosity, creativity and compassion in yourself and others, you will learn to move through and out of the mud with confidence and clarity. 

Move some mud and make some magic!

How does this work?
One To One Coaching
You bring your big ideas, pain points, wins, struggles, hopes and dreams to the table.
I bring my ongoing learning from the fields of positive psychology, social neuroscience and leadership coaching, along with an open mind and heart.
I ask the questions no-one else will ask you, and you bring whole-hearted answers that lead to insight. That insight leads to your best thinking and feeling, which fosters creativity and solution seeking. You are the expert. You are the magic. I am your guide by the side.

Workshops and Keynotes

Got a team eager to upgrade their leadership potential? My workshops and keynote packages help you to scale strategies and conversations in your organisation.

Here are a few of my favourite leadership growth topics. Got another leadership topic in mind? Reach out and tell me more!

Hearts and Minds Combined

This session explores the key ways leaders can integrate their mental and emotional intelligence for effective change. Drawing on the latest findings from neuroscience and behavioural sciences, leaders will learn evidence-based practices to adopt a courageous, considered and compassionate leadership approach. Leaders will also leave with clear action steps to support positive change amongst their teams.

Compassion and Courage

Through heartfelt storytelling, powerful case studies and compelling research, this session will show leaders how individuals, teams and organisations can transform and thrive through leadership that promotes courage and compassion. Participants will learn how these two heart led principles drive results and engage in practical action steps to apply courage and compassion in their own lives and work as leaders.

Keys to Confidence

The growth of Industry 4.0 technologies in today’s economy is changing everything about how we relate at work. Using human-centred design and an appreciative inquiry inspired approach to change, we can ask the questions of ourselves and teams that promote courage and confidence in the face of change. Participants will learn how to take a strengths based approach to change to gain maximum career agility and a life-long learning mindset.

Rising Stars

In today and tomorrow’s workforce, the ability of companies to build high performing teams relies on the capacity of its leaders to harness the heart led enthusiasm and optimism of the next generation, whilst integrating the wisdom gained from lessons learned by the generations before. 
This session unpacks the benefits of a people, planet, profit and purpose approach to business, draws on case studies of millenial masterminds and explores practical ways we can upgrade company systems to foster integration of hearts and minds between generations, to create cohesive high performing teams.

level up

your leadership

Pump up your heart with courage, confidence and compassion through one to one coaching, workshops and keynotes for you and your team. 

Julia Renaud
Founder of Money Energy Flow

Mariane is compassionate in the way she listens to people and also strong. I felt comfortable sharing my stories with her and felt that she has a gift of drawing out people's strengths which maybe they are not certain of themselves. I truly valued the time I spent with her.

Karen Winfield
Global Operations Director, PD Training

Mariane has a deep sense of purpose that allows you to dive deep instantly whilst still being calm. I really appreciated our opportunity to connect and bond over a common purpose.

Jessica Bartolotta
Yoga Teacher

Mariane is an amazing and emotionally in tune human being. You’ll instantly connect to her warm energy and smiling face. Mariane provides a safe and friendly space to discuss who you are and explore your potential pathways. It’s like having coffee with an old friend and talking about your life!

Lisa Stephenson
Healing Coach

Mariane has the ability to make people feel comfortable and loved from the moment you meet her. Her natural ability to connect with people allows you to open up to her in a safe, comfortable and loving space. She is a remarkable individual!

Ross Fastuca
Co-Founder of Ambisie and Recommendr App

Mariane is one of the most insightful and intriguing women I have met in my life. An amazing ability to cut through a conversation and get to a true meaning, breaking down layers with ease and can build instant connections and trust. An amazing presence and wisdom well beyond her years.