Introducing Lots of Love

by Mariane Power

Last month, we launched Lots of Love in our coastal home town of Port Macquarie. As multi-passionate, purpose driven social-preneurs, we’ve collected a number of heart-led projects and people along the years, and felt driven to create a platform whereby we could celebrate and support the organisations we stand by, amplify the voices of people who we meet along our purpose-driven journeys, and encourage others to get involved in the act of giving! Lots of Love was inspired by my trip to Cambodia with Project Gen Z in 2018, and it is one way we serve our for-purpose arm of the The Posify Group. The aim of the initiative is to foster our healthy, heart-led communities by giving back and paying it forward.

In case you’re asking…. What is a profit-for-purpose organisation?

We’re often asked why we aren’t a registered not-for-profit or charity organisation, and why we chose a profit-for-purpose model. Most people are familiar with the first two, so let’s get clear on the latter.  Put simply, a profit for purpose organisation involves applying business discipline and procedures to an enterprise with a social mission. By making an intentional decision to operate as a company, we live by our mission to inspire all people to live purpose-driven lives for positive impact and the greater good, and drive their purpose, people and the planet alongside their profit goals and outcomes. That means that yes, we do charge for our services! And yes, we also gift our time and expertise to help raise awareness and increase the reach of our social message – the message that everyone has the right to live a meaningful life and be inspired and empowered to do so by being educated on and having access to evidence-based strategies. Across our purpose and profit services, our mission remains the same: to inspire, educate and empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to grow their emotional intelligence, connect with their purpose and gain confidence in their career competence as they build a life they’re proud of.  We hope our direction inspires you to consider the many ways you can drive meaning in your lives, schools and workplaces.

Stay tuned for stories and updates from our Lots of Love launch events!