I amplify hopes and dreams for a living

through my coaching, speaking, writing and presenting.

I amplify hopes and dreams for a living

through my coaching, speaking, writing and presenting.

Before you take a look around, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I'm a psychology super nerd, and mum to two creative tweens. My hubby shares my love of purpose and makes his impact in the world of numbers and finance, and together with our two goofy labradoodles, we call the small coastal town of Port Macquarie home. I consider myself fortunate to be able to amplify hopes and dreams through my coaching speaking, writing and presenting.

In my earlier career as an actor, I shared people’s stories from a script. But I quickly figured out that it was the real life stories that caught my curiosity. Combining my love of the arts with my desire to help others, I established my first impact business: a theatre company that placed at risk youth in mentorship with professional artists. I imagined the kids would benefit, and they did. But I had NO idea how much of an impact the project would have on the artists. That business taught me that we all have something special to share. That in combining our skills and strengths for a common purpose, we can truly create magic, and lasting change. For the past 15 years I’ve continued to create impact projects like these and build a business and a life that I’m really proud of. A life that feels rich in meaning.

Along the way, I got curious. Was this search for all things big and meaningful just for me? Or a common human experience? And given the ripple effect from the actions that big hearts can create, how can we grow more of them and spread their love and impact wildly? I continue to find answers to these big questions in what I like to think of as the space between science and spirituality. With over a decade of dedicated full time studies to all things evidence based, I’ll admit that I’ve dipped my toes once or twice into the land of woo woo, and boy it’s been fun. We’ve still got so much to learn and understand about this big wide world we share. While the Giants of Positive and Coaching Psychology are my go-to for sharing practical ways to uncover and live your most meaningful life, nothing beats learning about other people’s perspectives and lived experiences. I like to think my own magic lies in my ability to bring curiosity, deep connectedness and compassion to all that I do.

What about your magic? The hopes and dreams that make up your special spark. I’d love to hear about them. So don’t be shy! Pick up the phone. The thing I love most is a phone conversation with big hearts, like you.

Julia Renaud
Founder of Money Energy Flow

Mariane is compassionate in the way she listens to people and also strong. I felt comfortable sharing my stories with her and felt that she has a gift of drawing out people's strengths which maybe they are not certain of themselves. I truly valued the time I spent with her.

Karen Winfield
Global Operations Director, PD Training

Mariane has a deep sense of purpose that allows you to dive deep instantly whilst still being calm. I really appreciated our opportunity to connect and bond over a common purpose.

Jessica Bartolotta
Yoga Teacher

Mariane is an amazing and emotionally in tune human being. You’ll instantly connect to her warm energy and smiling face. Mariane provides a safe and friendly space to discuss who you are and explore your potential pathways. It’s like having coffee with an old friend and talking about your life!

Lisa Stephenson
Healing Coach

Mariane has the ability to make people feel comfortable and loved from the moment you meet her. Her natural ability to connect with people allows you to open up to her in a safe, comfortable and loving space. She is a remarkable individual!

Ross Fastuca
Co-Founder of Ambisie and Recommendr App

Mariane is one of the most insightful and intriguing women I have met in my life. An amazing ability to cut through a conversation and get to a true meaning, breaking down layers with ease and can build instant connections and trust. An amazing presence and wisdom well beyond her years.